Narelle believes that anything is possible and that each of us the ability to step out of the chorus and onto centre stage, and be the star of our lives. The journey to crafting this stardom stems from developing the belief, the resilience and commitment to their destination so that when road blocks appear in the road, they see them as signposts to new possibilities rather than obstacles.

Using her unique approach, tempering inspiration with realism, nurturing and hand holding with tough love, Narelle shows women of all age how to get to the finish line.  For some this will be a sprint, but for many making the shift from chorus to centre stage is a marathon, and Narelle knows all about these.  Her back of the pack grit and determination to get to the finish line no matter how long it takes is what sets her apart from the pack.

Want to toe the start line, and find out what’s the next act in your life?